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Duck Derby Ticket

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Here's your chance to win the 36th Annual Lumsden Duck Derby!  

Prizes are:

1st: $20,000 cash, or a chance at $1,000,000

2nd: $2000 laptop

3rd: $1500 gift card to Rusty Shovel Landscape Shop

4th: $1300 Twilight Membership to Deer Valley Golf Course

5th: $1500 Barrel Bar and Gift card from Last Mountain Distillery

6th: $1000 Fire Table and cover from C&C Realty

7th: $750 Propane Firepit, Chairs & BBQ from Firesky Resorts, Ltd.

8th: $500 Tool Package from Element Construction

9th: $500 Gift Basket from The Alternative and Windy Day Woodworks

10th: $500 Gift Card from Lumsden Esso

11th: $500 Gift Card from THR3E Clothing

12th: $500 Gift Card from Lumsden Supermarket

13th: $500 Gift Card from Jane Dough's

14th: $500 Gift Card Jerky Boys (BABCO) Meats

15th: $400 Gift Card & Merch from The Atlas Hotel & Higher Level Beauty

16th: $450 Gift Card from Painted Parasol & Lumsden Hotel and Steakpit

17th: 6 Month Gym Membership from Wilkie Wellness

18th: 6.25 hrs of House Cleaning from Cinderelly's

19th: $300 Gift Card from FreeBird SK Soul Kitchen

20th: $250 Gift Card from Wildflower Beauty Studio & Lumsden Florist

Ticket numbers will be email once purchase is completed.