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Fire & Smoke Society Cherry Cola BBQ Rub

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F&S Society doesn't make boring seasonings. Case in point, our Cherry Cola BBQ rub blend. This is for the low and slow BBQ pit masters. Yeah, it kinda smells like bubble gum when you open it up, but rub this seasoning all over your pork butt, pork loin, or chicken and give it a few hours in a smoke bath and that is when the magic happens.

With a high enough sugar content to create a beautiful bark, and a seasoning blend of new-to-most BBQ enthusiasts (cherry and cola) mixed with classic flavors (coriander, paprika, allspice), this is the only bottle of BBQ rub you need to wow any BBQ lover.

Pro-Tip: Finish pork chops seasoned with Cherry Cola BBQ Rub over high heat for a deep, caramelized, seared in flavor. 

12.7 oz