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Kinder's Hickory Brown Sugar Rub & Seasoning

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Kinder's Hickory Brown Sugar Rub and Seasoning has all the key elements of a great classic blend: smoky and sweet. This barbecue dry rub and seasoning adds the perfect flavor to a variety of barbecue recipes, including barbecue chicken, chicken thighs, beef, fish, pork chops, shredded pork BBQ, veggies, rotisserie chicken, bacon, and even donuts! The barbecue seasoning is great for smoking, grilling, and sautéing. Light up the grill and grill out with Kinder's Hickory Brown Sugar Rub at your next friends and family gathering.
  • Perfect for smoking meat, grilling food, roasting vegetables, and sautéing your favorite food recipes
  • Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ rub for meat, veggies, and even donuts
  • A sweet and smoky combination of flavors
  • Ideal for BBQ grill outs with neighbors, game nights with friends, family dinners, and more

5 oz