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Motley Que Beef Fixx

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Best Before: 03/02/24

A best before date tells you how long a properly stored unopened food product will keep its:

  • freshness
  • taste
  • nutritional value
  • any other qualities claimed by the manufacturer

If the unopened product has been properly handled, it should maintain its quality until this date.

However, these dates don't guarantee product safety; what they provide is information about the freshness and potential shelf-life of the foods you are buying.

It's important to note that a best before date is not the same as an expiration date.

Growing up in the midst of Alberta Beef, it was a given that we wanted a simple season all flavour that would help showcase our great local beef.

Beef Fixx by Motley Que simplifies your options by giving you the ideal mix of new-age umami with the familiarity of G'Ma's Sunday dinner.

355 g