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Pit Boss Soft Touch 5-piece Griddle Kit

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The Pit Boss 5-piece Griddle Kit is a must-have toolset for the every-day griddle master. This 5-piece kit includes two griddle spatulas, one griddle scraper, and two fine-tip plastic bottles. Each tool features premium-grade stainless-steel and comes equipped with our chef-approved soft-touch handles while the plastic bottles offer durable food-grade plastic.

This set has everything you need, all in one package. Flip and lift burgers, pancakes, or scrambled eggs using the perforated or standard turner spatula. The restaurant-quality griddle scraper can quickly chop steak and veggies for fajitas or scape your griddle clean of grease and debris as you go. At the same time, use the fine-tip plastic bottles to quickly and easily add extra sauce, oil, or water. Get the kit that has it all with the Pit Boss 5-piece Griddle Kit.

Content includes 2 Griddle spatulas, 1 Griddle scraper, and 2 plastic bottles for sauces Soft-Touch handles.