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Rave BBQ Rubs

Rave BBQ Rubs Saskatchewan Steak Spice

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When you’re born under a big sky, you need a big flavour on your steak. We make no apologies for how aggressive this bad boy is.  You’re gonna catch a little heat. That’s all we’re sayin’. The perfect blend of spices is taken to new heights by the activated charcoal, which makes this rub look as great as it tastes! It’s all about the turf, no surf, just cattle!

This blend is the perfect balance of salt, garlic, onion and spice. We kept it simple and tasty AF!  On top of the amazing flavour, we added a touch of activated charcoal to help darken the colour of the spice and give you a nice finished bark for you delicious food.  Don’t let us tell you how good this stuff is give it a go for yourself and find out.

**MSG FREE, No Preservatives**