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Lumber Jack Distributor

Croix Valley Private Stock BBQ Sauce

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Croix Valley Private Stock Barbecue Sauce has been used behind the scenes in competitive BBQ for years. This secret recipe from the Croix Valley family is the perfect "one-stop mop" for all BBQ competitors to take their meats directly from the smoker to the turn-in doctoring needed! As successful as this sauce has proven on the competition BBQ circuit, you can imagine what it does for upping your backyard BBQ game as well. Dip it in or brush it on and you're ready for winning flavor!

This sauce has helped professional BBQ teams win countless awards.  Named Best Sauce at the Great Midwest Ribfest and National People's Taste Champion at Illinois BBQ Society Sauce Championships.

12 fl oz

**MSG FREE, GLUTEN FREE, No Preservatives**